The ComfortCertified™ Home Certification Program brings together 50 years of technical research and development by Owens Corning to make homes more energy-efficient while continuing to provide outstanding comfort.

Through our commitment to smart, real system solutions for real homes we’ve been able to create affordable, energy-efficient homes that stay comfortably warm in the winter and cool in the summer. To deliver that, not just any insulation will do. Each home is built using carefully selected products that wrap, seal and help protect the home from the outside elements. With performance proven through Building Science, Owens Corning ComfortCertified™ homes built with GREENGUARD
Gold Certified Owens Corning™
products such as well-known PINK® FIBERGLAS® Insulation are making a difference—for the environment and homebuyers.

ComfortCertified™ Home Certification reduces heating and cooling energy by


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ComfortCertified™ Net Zero Energy Ready Home Certification reduces heating and cooling energy by


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Why did Owens Corning develop this program?

We develop, manufacture and market insulation and roofing materials. We are proud to use our expertise in materials, manufacturing and building science to develop products and systems that can help to save on heating and cooling costs* and make homes more comfortable.

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